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dave newman

Founder & Executive director

Dave is the founder of Operation Lunchbox; he began this organization in 2015. His passion for feeding kids began when he was a kid. Dave grew up in poverty and experienced hunger as a child. He knew at a young age that he did not want other kids to have to endure what he did. So, he decided that when he got older, he would devote his life to feeding kids. Through his experiences he developed a passion for charitable work and wanted to ultimately come up with a solution to end hunger. Dave started this organization to put an end to hunger but what he is doing is providing people with a better quality of life.  

Personal: 678-333-4900


sabrina patrick

director of outreach and engagement

Sabrina provides support to the organization through outreach and engagement. She has worked in the nonprofit community for the past 10 years. Sabrina's role at OLB is to raise awareness of childhood hunger and build relationships with the school systems and the local communities to work together to end hunger. Sabrina developed a passion for charitable work as a teenager and has been serving in her community ever since. 

Office: 678-962-3333


chad buffalow

director of development

Chad supports Operation Lunchbox by engaging and building relationships with volunteers, donors, and potential donors. Chad also oversees all our fundraising and partnerships. He worked in Law Enforcement and Private Security for the past 15 years and has recently decided to make a change to the NonProfit community. He has always had a passion for serving others and in fact had a homeless ministry for a time. Chad is drawn to the community and wants to help end hunger. Chad gets great joy out of being able to give back and to see smiling faces of those in need. 

Office: 678-962-3333

tiffany price

grant writer

Tiffany provides support to Operation Lunchbox by grant writing and seeking community partnerships with the organizations to help end childhood hunger within the communities. Tiffany has been a volunteer with Operation Lunchbox since the organization started. While working a full time job in education, Tiffany sees first hand the struggles families face everyday with hunger. Feeding families and seeing the change in the community, makes it all worth the hard work.

Office: 678-962-3333


savannah jones

admin marketing assistant

Savannah has served at OLB in various ways since its beginning. Now a full time Administrative Marketing Assistant for OLB, Savannah brings over a decade’s worth of experience as a volunteer coordinator and fundraising organizer. She’s led various outreach programs local and abroad serving underprivileged children. She has a servant’s heart and a tireless devotion to children in the community.

Office: 678-962-3333


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